Tipping Point

We all have to start somewhere, we have to move on from that failure, from that traumatic loss or even from that heartache. What most of us don’t see, is that the rock bottom moment is actually your starting line. That’s where your momentum comes from, it’s where your foot is stable on the ground and you push through; next thing you know, you’re running. You’re running and it gets harder to stop but also hard to keep going. In your mind you know, you know that at the end of that race, you’ll either go home with confidence that you finished that race, or you’ll go home with nothing but disappointment and self-doubt. You decide.
Learn to love the rock bottom, inhale the smell of the ground beneath you, let that fuel your engine and exhale that stuff back into the world. Keep fueling your engine because that’s all you have to offer. Let your weakest point be the point where you decide to change, because I swear to you, that brings amazing output to your life.

By Elaf Trabulsi

Engineer & freelance writer

One reply on “Tipping Point”

This is true on so many levels! Thank you for the motivation, you have such a way with words that puts everything into perspective. I’d love to read more of these so keep it up!!!


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