Core Pressure

This is how our forces work, our internal and external selves are always in conflict with each other. Our inner thoughts and motives are always being bombarded by the forces of those around us. Whether they’re the people that we surround ourselves with telling us we are not capable enough or our environment is blocking our core pressure and inner thoughts from growing and bursting.

My forces were pushing forward with an idea but something kept telling me to wait or question “what if this and that happen” and then it occurred to me that well, what if it does? So what if things don’t go right? What I realized is that starting things and getting to action is a habit that we need to practice. It’s just like practicing mindfulness or going to the gym. If you’re not constantly training your mind to get going with it and stay motivated, you’re never going to be in shape or have inner peace. The same thing applies here if you don’t start creating and putting your ideas into the open someone else will think of it and get going with it.  Next thing you know, you’re reading the news and someone else had invented that app you were waiting to start while you’re sitting on your couch watching tv thinking “what if something happened”.

Stop holding yourself back. Learn to grow your core pressure so that the only way you know how to push is forward. Build your fire, let it light up so high there’s no extinguisher that could put it out.

By Elaf Trabulsi

Engineer & freelance writer

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