So what if you skip your workout and so what if you don’t get anything done today? Who gets hurt right? SO WHAT if you had an idea but decided not to go with it? So what if you imagined a different life for yourself but decided to settle instead? Who gets hurt right? 

You do. 

You get hurt.

You get hurt every single time you tell yourself that what you wanted to do is not that important or that starting something new didn’t matter as much. You get hurt training your mind to let go of your ambitions. 

So go find it. 

Find what inspires you. 

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant and it doest even have to be permanent. Just keep searching for inspirations wherever you go. 

Read: books, articles, words, stories, lyrics or even lips. Be aware of the way people choose to decorate their words and stories. Open your mind to new experiences. You don’t have to live through something to be able to experience it. Open up your mind. 

Listen: to people talk. Listen to songs and slam poetries. Try to separate the instruments in the song. Try to listen to the breaths people take when they’re around you. Listen, even in stillness. 

Feel: the textures surrounding you. Feel the ups and downs of your circumstances. Feel the skins and feel the air in the room you’re in. 

You’ll be amazed at how much the world has to offer when you’re present

And when you’re inspired, share

Write: your thoughts down. Document or draw. Record your ideas. Create something that you want to leave behind. People come and go, but your ideas will remain. 

Speak: your motivation and dreams out loud because you could be the inspiration to someone else who needs to hear it. Share your ideas and express your feelings. You can speak out loud or through dances, pictures or even music. 

Touch: the minds and souls surrounding you. Let your energy speak into existence. Let your energy breathe out loud. The weight of your ideas could not be underestimated. Everyone else who made it before you, didn’t think their ideas would weigh so much either. 

Pick your colours and pour them into canvases.

Surprise yourself. 

By Elaf Trabulsi

Engineer & freelance writer

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