Errors / mistakes

It seems like the end of our world when we make a mistake. Like we destructed our own walls & declared war upon ourselves. Like there’s some sort of glitch in our system. We start to shut off. So many negative emotions are there: guilt, vulnerability & the worst of them all, loneliness. We feel as though we’re the only ones that can cause destruction this loud as if no one else before us or among us made any other mistake. We feel alone in our own thoughts & our own regrets. It’s the rock bottom from here. And that’s the best part of rock bottom, it’s the lowest point & you can start all over. That’s the best part of guilt & regret too, you can only learn & grow from where you left off. Mistakes could mean the end, but I say they’re just the beginning to something great. 

// There’s a guarantee you won’t be making the same mistake again and you’ll always stay cautious. //

A lot of people tie shame to mistakes but that’s not always true. Mistakes don’t equal shame. And guilt doesn’t equal shame too. I read a book called #SkipTheGuiltTrap by #GaelLingerfield and she speaks clearly about how guilt and shame are two very different emotions that are often misunderstood. The truth is guilt is good but shame isn’t. Guilt makes you human, makes you feel. (crazy I know!) It makes you cautious, smarter & perhaps kinder. As long as your heart’s young it’ll always feel touched by different emotions and as long as you feel guilty you’re alive. TIME TO START LIVING!

We’re reaching the end of #ramadan (ikr it went by too fast) and it’s the perfect time to speak of mistakes. It’s frowned upon to speak about mistakes because we shouldn’t really know what they are, we dare not make mistakes. But life’s not like that in reality. We make mistakes. LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM. The best of us and the worst of us. There’s no good or bad, we’re all making mistakes in different ways. Allah swt said: إذا لم تخطئوا أو تذنبوا ليأتين الله بقوم يخطئون فيتوبون 

What does this mean? Does god want us to make mistakes? God wants us to repent what we’ve done. To ask for his forgiveness. To be righteous is a journey; although many seem to be born as saints, they’ve stumbled many (many) times before. But no one likes to showcase their mistakes, it’s normal. Although when we’re alone we need to admit our mistakes to ourselves and find ways to make promises that we’ll learn. It’s a beautiful start from here. 

By Elaf Trabulsi

Engineer & freelance writer

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