Fractured pieces

What makes you, you?

What are you made of? 🧩

If I could break down your life into fractions, what would each part be called? You have to start thinking about what makes you whole. What you’re allowing into your life and what you’re allowing inside your head. What are you reading? What are you watching? Who are you spending time with? What’s your passion? Who’s supporting you? Who’s ruining the picture that you’re creating? What are you listening to? What are you feeding your own mind? Ask yourself the questions you’re running away from, or else you’ll be filling your life with unnecessary noise. 

They always talked about the cup 🥃 and whether it was half full or half empty but the truth is, it doesn’t even remotely matter because what’s in your cup is what matters. Is your cup something you want to drink more of? Is it full of regrets? Is it empty with passions? Fill your cup or throw it away for all I care. Regardless of your past and who you were, make yourself you now. Ask yourself what really matters: how will this help me become the person I want to be? Where does this fit in my life? Ask yourself the hard questions and get a grip on your life if you want it to go somewhere. 

We’re bits and pieces of things we surround ourselves with. Scraps and collections of what we listen to, what we eat, what we read, who we’re with and what we think. Don’t you ever let yourself, not even for a moment, think that these small details don’t matter. They do. The hard truth is that if you sit in bed all day everyday and do nothing, you’re lazy. You speak with an attitude? You’re rude. You’re negative all time? You’re a complainer and you’re ungrateful. That’s the reality of it. We can sugarcoat it sometimes, say that it’s been a bad month or year or phase or life or whatever, say that we were just “not feeling it”. But the truth is, that’s the truth of it. You are bits and pieces. Collectively, you’re made up of your own thoughts and what you control in your life. Don’t tell me it’s been a bad month because you’ll always have bad days, bad chapters in your life. Take control. Be honest with yourself. Take control of your life. 

We often forget that small decisions make us who we are. Big decisions make a difference too like where or what you’ll study, who or when you’ll marry, they make a huge difference but small decisions like what your intention is for the day, what you’ll eat tonight, who you decide to talk to; these are all small decisions but they make up a huge part of your life. 

By Elaf Trabulsi

Engineer & freelance writer

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