Day 4/30 of inspiration ✨

Truth be told, @jeddahballetacademy is the place I found myself. I remember, less than a year ago the co-owner of the place got me a notebook from @rawanstationary & told me to get on with my writing & make it happen. Ever since then, I discovered new writing styles & many new opportunities opened up for me. They were an inspiration to me, I had to ask them about what inspired them, this is what they told me: “What inspires us to keep Jeddah Ballet Academy going is the smiles, and the empowerment we see each day by young Saudi females, whether they’re a new student learning ballet for the first time or a mother training to be a ballet instructor. Jeddah Ballet Academy has built a community which works together to bring a new art form into our society, a community which inspires, and encourages young Saudis to keep going and pursue their dreams.”

By Elaf Trabulsi

Engineer & freelance writer

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