What I learned from the 30 Days of Inspiration Project

Where do I begin? It’s been a wonderful month full of inspirational stories! This might’ve been my first project/series but it definitely isn’t the last! ☺️ I learned countless lessons this month. I have to say, even the people I did know from before, revealed themselves in a new light for me. Amazing, amazing people! 💗 Each unique in their own story & in their own passions. I did this project out of passion at first but it grew to something more. Something bigger. Here’s why I did it: 1. To form a connection between us as a society in Jeddah. 2. To prove that we don’t need to look for inspiration, it’s all around us. 3. We might all lead separate paths but we’re come in solidarity when it comes to pursuing our passions. 4. To show that any passion at all, no matter how small you think it is, will take you places. 5. That your passion won’t do you any good if it’s sitting on your shelf at home. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 💪🏻 6. To always hear people’s stories. Everyone is interesting & everyone has a story to tell. I’m truly thankful & blessed for everyone that was a part of this project. 🙏🏻 I’d love to work with new faces & new stories in the future! What kind of stories do you want to see in the upcoming months? DM me your suggestions & ideas I’m open to something new! 

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