Guest Writing

Azha Teams’ Trip Around Jeddah!

July 24, 2019 

By: Elaf Trabulsi

We used our city as an inspiration in creating our new products. When we first heard of Jeddah Season we were excited to see what it was about! During the past month we noticed that most of our inspiration came from Jeddah Season! 

Every day one of us would tell stories about their experiences in a new spot in Jeddah. We were seeing our city in a new light. Jeddah Season unveiled the incredible hidden talents our locals had. It was quite a sight to see. 

Our first spot was Historic Jeddah, which had a special place in our hearts. From the smell of the street food to the sound of the children playing and singing. Our minds danced around the idea of our grandparents being in the same spots years ago. The ambience of the place made us feel connected to our roots! 

Next stop, Jeddah’s Waterfront! There was something amazing in being out in the air, regardless of the weather. We were all outside. We put away our cars and decided to be a part of something bigger. We were blessed to be outside even after midnight and feel safe. Our city is more than just a city, it’s a home to all of us. 

We then went to Al Hamra District and were left in awe! The colours, the art, the designs. Everything was out of this world! The most beautiful parts of our country were accentuated by colourful lights and art sculptures that were there. Check out the images we took: neon lights never looked better!

Besides the amazing sites we visited, what inspired our team the most was the connection we felt. Jeddah Season made us closer as a society. We were engaged in the same activities and we were all collectively talking about our experiences on every social media platform. We started looking more like a society and less like a city!

Click here to get the link to their website.

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