Things I learned in my Twenties

School Will Never Be Enough

School will NEVER be enough. Educate yourself with things that are outside of school.

School will NEVER be enough. If the only time you’re learning is when you’re in school then how much do you really know?

I mean, as students, we barely go to classes, if we do then we’re not 100% focused. We cram the nights before the exams, spill everything out on paper & forget it almost the second we walk out that door. We’re on our summer break now, be honest with yourself; how much do you remember from your spring semester?

Even if you do remember, how is ARCH 101 or MATH 143 going to help you in anything besides future job application? If I had to give people in my age group one piece of advice, this would be it: Educate yourself with things that are outside of school.

Go out of your way to read books that you don’t HAVE to read. Research wasn’t made for essays & dissertations. Get acknowledged with things that interest you & If you don’t know what interests you, then through research you’ll eventually know. Get out & volunteer in new places; talk to people that are older than you & younger than you. It’s all about variety. We’re all intellectuals. We’re all well aware that intelligence isn’t just about getting straight A’s. Your major alone might have saved you in the older generations but everything’s changed now. You have to stay up to date with new fields as well or else you’d be outdated.

Check in with what’s important in the market now, for example, digital marketing or graphic design. Think about things you might need to know if you ever have your own company. There are so many basic skills you can learn through online courses or reading or even networking.

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