Things I learned in my Twenties

Summer Vacations

Use your vacations & summers wisely.

I cannot stress on this enough. Invest in extra courses / learn something new / be a part of a new community / get an internship / summer job. Previous generations weren’t educated enough about working while studying, but we are. We’re aware that a school degree or a diploma means something though not everything. Experience is often equally as important or even more important in some fields. You don’t have to work in something you’re studying. It’s all about putting yourself out there.

So what if you sit that 9-5 doing nothing but counting inventory or taking calls or even copying & pasting documents? Unless you have something you’re working on at home & absolutely cannot bring it to the office then stop wasting your time. You know what they say, no time is better than now my friend. You might think that you’re wasting your time & not learning anything but you’re learning a lot more than you think.

Think about it this way: this is your only chance to work or do anything you want. Later on, you’ll have bills to pay, responsibilities & possibly a family to feed. You wouldn’t have the time, the courage nor the energy to get out there and put everything on hold while you find your true calling. This is your chance to do something that’s not for anyone else but you, it’s your chance to experience. When I first started interning my parents were supportive but they didn’t understand why I’m doing whatever it is im doing.

Building connections is important too. Participate in events & workshops, volunteer in anything. You’ll be amazed at the amount of inspiring people you’ll meet along the way.

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