Things I learned in my Twenties


Read a lot of books because you’d be surprised at how busy you can get later on in your life. With work & family it’ll be so hard to balance or find the time to want to read. The next years in your life you’ll be giving more than you’d be taking in.

You learn now in these years.

It’s never too late to learn but if I had to give a piece of advice it would be to learn now while you’re young. Some things are easier to learn when your mind is still growing & developing. The more you learn now, the more prepared you’ll be. At some point we need to stop learning & start doing. Think about it this way, would you rather waste your time learning your entire life? Reading business books for 10 years and go nowhere for there? Wouldn’t you much rather start young & put yourself out there?

Read about everything! Students think life is a walk in the park. At school they teach us how to get good grades and at home they tell us we can do anything! We grew up with this laid back easy LA life mentality; which only prepared us for a short period of time in our lives. Truth is, you have to learn how to read about everything & be flexible and open to different flavours in life. You have to read and learn. It’s not about grades & it’s not about how much potential you have.

Our lives are chapters. Each chapter in our life should be about something different or else it’ll be such a boring book to read!

High school is the perfect time to discover yourself, your potential & who you aspire to become. Learning about who you are as a person, what are you passionate about? What do you want to know about the world? Who are your role models? You do that discovery through reading and participating in events and programs.

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