Things I learned in my Twenties


Life is hilarious.

We think we have it all planned out, but in reality as much as we plan, things will always go in a different way.

They used to stress us out in school by asking us what we wanted to study after we graduated. I remember I was already thinking about it ever since I was in grade 8. I thought and I thought and I thought. Everytime I discovered something new I wanted to study, something came in my direction and told me otherwise.

I talked about this in my previous post [when I turned 19].

Let me tell you my story and how I stumbled upon my major and I’ll let you take the advice out of it.

When I graduated high school, i was convinced that i was destined to study operation management, a business major. I applied to Effat but also applied to KAU as a back up. I got accepted in both alhamdulillah and I decided to go to KAU for engineering. I finished with Foundation year and I got a 98% which is one less than 99%, the percentage I needed to get into engineering. That summer was a huge disappointment to me, I never failed at anything, this was definitely the first time I ever felt this way. I did everything in my will power, I went to the university more than once asking around if there was any single door to be pushed. I didn’t want to give up until eventually I did.

I decided to settle for IT but I knew deep down i was not happy. I knew that wasn’t for me.

Anyway, first week of my second year in university started and I was going with my friend (who was in the exact same position as me) to her entrance exam in Effat for moral support. The person that was working in registration was talking to my friend then turned to me and i told her how I didnt get in and all. She took a look at my grades and she said “There’s one more spot open for the full scholarship in Engineering and it’s yours.” I am not even exaggerating, that’s how easy it was. (Alhamdilla). She asked me to think about it so I did. She said if I had applied to Effat as a new student I never would have gotten the scholarship.

Now at that moment I was going through a series of weird emotions and decision making. Until I decided that I felt better and happier in Effat than I was in KAU. Everything felt familiar and easy.

Never in my life did I ever think I was going to be in this place today. But I’m so grateful, بفضل الله الحمدلله.

Moral of the story is that, you never know where you’ll end up, have some faith and don’t be scared of change. Don’t be scared if you’re not where you planned you’d be.

By the way, this isn’t just my experience. I had so many friends that went abroad and came back a semester later or a year later. Some people studied local and went abroad the year after. MANY transferred universities. Everyone can swear that they aren’t where they expected themselves to be but they’re much happier.

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