Coffee & the City Collaborations


Photography by Yousef Attar (@thosemoments.jpg on Instagram)

Many college students are going abroad after high school.

Of course it’s an overall positive experience, although we can’t ignore the many hardships they go through while they’re away from home. Aside from practicality, they face a lot of homesickness, not just for their private homes but for their public homes as well. Their city, their society & their values. A lot of expatriates said that they lost many friends from home, they lost their appetite to the things they used to enjoy in their city before they left.

On top of that, I think the biggest challenge of all, is to remain true to their faith & belief system. I know many people that went & came back even better than before, although unfortunately many let go of what they believed in due to horrible influences. I pray that their faith gets stronger, for Allah to grant them a righteous community & that they come back to us healthy & happy.

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