Coffee & the City Collaborations


Photography by Yousef Attar (@thosemoments.jpg on Instagram)

I recently witnessed a heartbreaking scene. A mother with two kids, 2 year old and a baby that’s about 6 months old, were sleeping on the side of the street. They slept in the small space between the sidewalk and the road, side by side, all three of them laid there uncovered & without a home. As I was passing by next to them, a cat walked on top of the baby’s body. My heart broke and I swear I almost cried at the sight of this scene. Many questions ran through my head, where’s the father? Why don’t they have a home? How many nights did they spend on the street? Why don’t they have any belongings? I still think about this many many nights later. May they find a home, may they never sleep alone in the streets again, may life be a little kinder to them & may Allah ease their hardships.

*Note: this scene was somewhere outside Saudi.

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