Elaf Trabulsi

I’m an Electrical & Computer Engineering student in Saudi Arabia. I know what you’re thinking, “what’s she doing writing in here?”. To answer your question, simply, I have always been passionate about writing. I used to write ever since I was a kid & maybe in another life, I would’ve been a journalist. My writing styles changed through time, the more I wrote, the more I discovered new sides to my writing. I started this blog in December 2017 (Click here to check out my first post!). Although recently, I started calling myself a ‘content writer’. (Gotta keep up with the millennials).

I came about my major in a funny way actually, I picked it because it scared me. Nothing else seemed to scare me half as much as engineering did. It was the only major I never thought of choosing. I had so many choices before I settled on this one. As you can see, on my 19th birthday I spoke about wanting to be everything & perhaps I still do. Upon the many choices I had, everything felt easy & doable. I wanted the challenge, so I picked this major.

If I had to love something other than writing, it would be electrical circuit analysis. My passion for my major grew the deeper I got into it. I knew that when I realized I didn’t mind spending hours studying for my subjects.

The way I balance it is by having part-time jobs & freelance projects throughout the year while attending classes. That way I get the best of both worlds.

Over the past year, I started committing to writing more. After launching the instagram page, writing felt easier. I started posting my writing everywhere; I wasn’t shy about it like I used to be when I was growing up. Before this blog, people never knew I wrote anything & I think this was my greatest achieved milestone.

My prime purpose was to motivate people through the content that I create. Along my journey as Elaf, I realized it has become so much more than that. It has become about connection, reaching out to other people, support, discovering new stories & talents, showcasing what I’m proud of, engaging with others, sharing what I find intriguing & much more.

The more I connect, the more I want to write & share the stories I hear.