Coffee & the City Collaborations

Drone Photography

Photography by Yousef Attar (@thosemoments.jpg on Instagram)

21 year old, Yousef Attar is a Saudi Business student at Liverpool University, UK. I’ve seen many photographers, but to be honest, Yousef’s images touched me the most. His photography highlighted the best parts of the city from afar, leaving me with the urge to write stories from within, up close. 

“I take pictures to capture the moments that I want to remember in the future. I want to look at the picture & go back in time to the exact feeling I had when I took it. I got into drone photography specifically because it’s a different perspective. It reflects a unique angle to places in contrast with the images we see daily. Capturing images with an aerial perspective excites me to constantly get creative with the content I share.” – Yousef Attar

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