New Year II: Life’s a Race

The famous list of resolutions

Normally, people would start setting out goals for the year at this time. They would start by making a list that 9/10 times would look like this:

  1. Skin care
  2. Exercising
  3. Dieting
  4. Quitting a bad habit
  5. Reading more
  6. Getting better grades

Doesn’t this list look familiar?

That’s because we’ve all been there at some point.

What the new year is really about:

A new year to me is reflective. I look back at all the lessons I learnt, all the growth that happened without me seeing it coming. Isn’t it amazing? How we plan out certain habits and goals we want to accomplish and whether we accomplish them or not, we come out of the year with a jar of lessons we didn’t expect to learn.

Reflecting back on this year, it was a year full of surprises. I became a part of a new place, I got closer to people I never thought I’d get close to, had opinions about topics I didn’t quite understand in my previous years and simultaneously, I lost parts of myself too. Parts that could have been weighing me down, burdens and traits I didn’t know were holding me back until I let them go.

It was nothing like I had imagined it would be. I started the year really enthusiastic and ambitious. Although, some time around the middle I struggled in staying positive. It was no day at the park, but to be honest, the best part was rediscovering parts of myself that I forgot were there. I realized that the comebacks were always the best part of setbacks.

Is the start of a new year overrated?

Yes and no.

Last year I used to think that we shouldn’t wait for a new year or the start of the week to do something, but now I think that maybe it isn’t so bad to wait until a certain point to start. Sometimes all we need is a queue or a starting point. Life’s a race. Except, everyone starts the race at a different point, we’re only racing ourselves and technically, there’s no finish line. Although, there are times during the race where we all meet at one point. Our auras meet, they become fueled and charged and then, we continue the race on our own once again. A new year is something of that sort. We’re all ecstatic and invigorated and it helps. It helps to stop and recharge sometimes. Along our way we find many rest stops and fueling moments, a lot of other people could run by our side and our energies would exchange, some will slow us down, others will help us run faster, maybe they’ll accompany us the whole race, maybe they’ll come and go every once in a while or maybe they’ll only pass by us. Maybe we’ll fall and crawl towards the end, maybe we’ll Usain Bolt it and maybe we’ll walk. The race is full of surprises and there’s no winner. The most important rule of every race though, is that everyone must stay in their own lane. People can exchange energies and you can go out of your way to help people, but you have to stay in your own lane to keep going, or else you’ll drain your own energy. Focus.

Focus and learn.

We all meet at the start of a new year and we could get fueled to do something new or quit an old habit or cut certain people out. We don’t really need a new year for us to make the change but it sure does help. It is most important to keep in mind the lessons learned along the way more than the results themselves. Sounds like a cliche but reminding ourselves with this is crucial from time to time. We might not achieve exactly what we hoped for but we achieve so much more and we only realize it when we compare it with the past year.

Focus, don’t drain and stay in your own lane.

By Elaf Trabulsi

Engineer & freelance writer

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